Weebill S

Thanks to its neat lightweight body and a unique Sling mode, Weebill S easily handles mainstream mirrorless and DSLR camera & lens combos, bringing creators an effortless shooting experience like never before.


Package: Standard Kit

Standard Kit
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Undersling handle grip for effort-saving carry
Highly upgraded motors and algorithm
Electronic focus control & Mechanical focus / zoom control
Two-in-One quick release system
Ecosystem of Accessories: Image transmission & Quick Setup kits
Up to 14 hours of battery operating time

    Superior Compatibility

    Weebill S comes with new motor units and an upgraded high-precision algorithm. Combos like Sony A7Ⅲ+FE 24-70mm F2.8 and Canon 5D4+EF 24-70mm F2.8 can be perfectly balanced and stabilized on Weebill S for smooth cinematic shots under different scenarios.

    Supreme Power

    The upgraded 8th Instune algorithm provides high responsiveness and diminshes jittery in fast movement in any environment. Moreover, you can quickly adjust the speed and various parameters of each axis directly through the dial on the handle itself, giving you more responsive and flexible control than ever!

    Compact as a Piece of A4 Paper

    The unique structure and minimum design of Weebill S make it super compact as a piece of A4 paper. With the ergonomically designed Sling mode, Weebill S provides an effortless shooting experience for anyone.

    Two-in-One Quick Release System

    Weebill S adopts the popular two-in-one quick-release plates (Manfrotto/Arca-Swiss), allowing easy setup and fast transition between equipment without re-balancing.

    Intelligent Auto Tune

    Weebill S is integrated with a brand new self-adaptive control algorithm, which can automatically recognize the product weight in an ultra-accurate way.

    Always on Focus

    Weebill S supports both electronic focus control and mechanical focus/zoom control through a handy control wheel on its body.

    *Accessories in the picture sold separately.

    ViaTouch 2.0 Evolved Intelligence

    Besides HD image transmitting, ViaTouch 2.0 seamlessly connects your smartphone, camera, and gimbal. Various gimbal and camera settings can be adjusted in real-time, like Follow Speed, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed and etc. Real-time monitoring and intuitive control are just at fingertips.

    Instant Gimbal Settings without Using an App

    The all-inclusive intuitive OLED display can show various adjusted parameters like motor strength, follow speed, smoothness, deadband, key customization and etc, all of which can be directly controlled via the handle without having to enter the App.

    Upgraded Image Transmission Module

    The all-new TransMount Image Transmission Module (accessory), in its compact size, can be directly mounted under the quick release plate neatly. With 1080P 30fps highly synchronised transmission (100-meter distance) featuring LUT, Pseudocolor, Focus peaking, Zebra Stripes and etc, professional monitoring and livestreaming can be easily achieved on a gimbal.

    Image Transmission & Smart Follow 2.0

    Coupled with image transmission module, SmartFollow 2.0 now allows precise object tracking on your smartphones.
    When mounted with image transmission transmitter, up to 3 devices can be connected to your stabilizer, including not only smartphones and iPad, but also professional monitors. From now on, a professional camera crew is on your hands.


    Following Deviation in Static State
    Max: ± 0.04° / Min: ± 0.01° /Max: ± 0.3°
    Following Deviation in Motion State
    Max: ± 0.3° / Standard: ± 0.1° /Min: ± 0.05°
    Tilt Mechanical Range
    Roll Mechanical Range
    Pan Mechanical Range
    Operation Voltage
    Max: 8.4v / Min: 6.8v
    Operation Current
    Max: 3000mA / Min: 250mA
    5V, 1A
    Battery Runtime
    Max: 14h Min: 12h
    Charging Time
    Size & Weight
    Product Size (W*D*H)
    Net Weight

    What's in the Box

    Weebill S Stabilizer




    USB Cables


    Storage Case


    Camera Compatibility List

    A1; A9II; A9; A7R4; A7M4; ILME-FX3; A7R3; A7M3; A7S3; A7R2; A7M2; A7S2; A7C; ZV-E10; A6600; A6500; A6400; A6300; A6100; A6000
    D850; D780; Z5; Z6; Z6II; Z7; Z7II; Z30; Z50; ZFC
    5D MARK III; 5D MARK IV; 5DS; 5DS R; 6D; 6D MARK II; 80D; 90D; M50; EOS M6 MARK II; EOS R5; EOS R6; EOS R7; EOS R10; EOS R; EOS RP;
    G9; GH5; GH5S; S5; S1; S1H; GH6; DC-BGH1
    X-T3; X-T4; X-H2S; X-T30
    4K; 6K

    Which is the Best for You?

    Weebill S
    Weebill 2
    Weebill 3
    Net Weight
    Maximum Compatibility Setup
    Canon 5D4+24-70F2.8 II
    ZCAM E2+LUMIX G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 II
    Nikon D850+Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8L DG
    Running Time
    Charging Time
    Battery Type
    Removable Lithium Battery
    Built-in Lithium Battery
    Built-in Lithium Battery
    Quick Charge
    Max 24W PD
    Max 24W PD
    Quick Release Structure
    Arca+Manfrotto Two-In-One Quick Release Plate
    Single Quick Release Plate
    Manfrotto Standard Double-Layer Quick Release Plate
    PF/ F/ L/ POV/ V/ Go+Portrait
    PF/ F/ L/ POV/ V/ Go+Portrait
    PF/ F/ L/ POV/ V/ Go+Portrait
    0.66-inch Non-touch Single-color screen
    2.88-inch Touch colored screen
    0.96-inch Non-touch Single-color screen
    Fill Light
    Built-in Dual-color Fill light 1000lm
    Audio Solution
    Built-in Hi-Fi microphone
    Image Transmission
    Remote Control
    ZY Play & VC100
    ZY Play & VC100
    ZY Play & VC100
    Axis Operation Range
    Tilt: 314° /Roll: 314°/Pan: 360°
    Tilt: 340° /Roll: 340°/Pan: 360°
    Tilt: 310°/ Roll: 340°/Pan: 360°


    The gimbal starts vibrate after turning it on?

    1. Please check whether you balance the camera, and the gimbal can support the weight of camera.
    2. Please set the motor force in the setting of the gimbal, and chose suitable motor force.
    3. Please check whether the camera is installed well and close to Tilt Axis Motor, and tighten all lock switches.
    4. Please check whether screws on motor arm are loose.

    The screen shows "Axis Lock" and makes noise after turning it on?

    1. Please ensure the gimbal has been balanced before turning it on.
    2. Please check all motor locks have been unlocked.
    3. Please check the motor force.

    Weebill S cannot connect with camera or control it?

    1. Please confirm your camera whether in our official camera compatiblity list.
    2. Please confirm whether you use wrong connection cable.
    3. Please check the notes of camera connection.
    *For details of supported camera models for Weebill S, please visit the official website of ZHIYUN (www.zhiyun-tech.com) and check the "Weebill S Camera Compatibility List"